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Analysis of common filtration technologies in air sterilizers

2022-06-14 14:37:51

What are the common filtration technologies in air sterilizers? First, let's explain how it works. Conventional air sterilizers can have the following filter layers:

1. Coarse filter

  Blocks larger particles in the air, and can be washed with water and used repeatedly.

2. Electrostatic dust collector

Collect suspended small particles, such as smoke, pollen, larger dust mites, bacteria.

3. Activated carbon

Absorbs peculiar smells in the air or gaseous organic pollutants caused by decoration, etc., the service life is generally three to six months, and needs to be replaced regularly.

Air sterilizer

4. High efficiency filter

Filter a small amount of remaining suspended small particles, the service life is generally 3 to 6 months, and it needs to be replaced regularly.

5. Photocatalytic Reactor

Filter bacteria, dust mites, odors, and gaseous pollutants that are not filtered out by other layers and react into other non-hazardous substances, reducing the original harmful substances to the lowest level. This lifespan is generally 2 years.In addition to the above, many air sterilizers are also equipped with negative ion generators and semiconductor purification devices, which are also important ways to improve air quality.

The air sterilizers sold in the market may not all use the above purification and disinfection technologies. Generally, one or more of these technologies are used. It should be specially mentioned that it is not a fully functional product. It must be good, and different needs must be considered. and value for money.

The air sterilizer is similar to the air conditioner. Different specifications need to be selected according to the space used, which is also related to the amount of air used. When people are in a relatively closed space, turn on the air sterilizer and use it continuously to purify the air. .

Usually, whether we use an air sterilizer or not, we must strengthen the awareness of indoor ventilation, increase the amount of fresh air, and let fresh air always surround you!

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