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Good air. Send health - V1 - focus on air disinfec
Patented technology of ternary integrated semiconductor, medical grade sterilization and purificatio
Why Choose V1 4 Reasons
  • 1 Strong production strength of self-built factories

    Sell well at home and abroad, dongguan, Wuhan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Europe have factories or offices

    Factory covers an area of tens of thousands of square meters, has a complete set of production equipment

    Top ten suppliers of hospital construction

    Research Center of Medical and Biological Engineering Technology, Ministry of Health

    Medical environmental air disinfection research base

    Strong production strength of self-built factories
  • 2 Multiple certifications and patents to ensure product quality

    Through The ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification

    Passed ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification

    Passed ISO45001 Occupational Health Management System Certification

    CE/FC/ROHS Product Quality Management System Certification

    Guangdong Provincial Ministry Of Health Issued Disinfection Product Production License

    Multiple certifications and patents to ensure product quality
  • 3 Focus on research and development

    The R&d Team Consists Of More Than 20 People With Bachelor Degree Or Above

    The Company Has Independently Developed And Designed A New Energy-saving Photohydrogen Ion Purification Device, And The Energy-saving Soft Whole Research And Development Is Completed By The Hong Kong Team

    Independent Research And Development Of Three Integrated Semiconductor Disinfection And Purification Technology

    In 2019, We Obtained 15 National Patent RESEARCH And Development Certificates

    2020 Successfully Through The National High-tech Enterprise Certification

    Focus on research and development
  • 4 Long warranty

    Have An Independent After-sales Team 7*24 Hours Online Service

    A Number Of Major Cities In The Country With After-sales Outlets

    2 Hours After Sale, Free Installation And Debugging, Free Technical Training

    Promise To Be On Site Within 24 Hours Of Service, To Ensure The First Time To Solve Customer After-sales Problems

    Long warranty
  • 1000+ hospitals and enterprises jointly choose V1
    Fast shipping Free installation and commissioning, free technical training



    They Chose V1
    Dongguan Chang 'an Hospital
    Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
    Songgang people's hospital
    Haikou hospital
    Nanfang hospital
    Hainan Provincial Fifth People's Hospital
    Sinopec Maoming Petrochemical Company
    Heyuan people's hospital
    University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC)
    Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
    Zhengzhou people's hospital
    Huizhou No.1 People's Hospital8
    Shunde first people's hospital
    Songgang people's hospital
    Guangdong Tongjiang hospital
    Harbin No.1 People's Hospital
    Hainan Provincial People's Hospital
    Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University
    Guangdong Workers Hos pita
    Health Care System
    V-1 Environment is a service provider specialized in providing air disinfection and sterilization solutions for medical industry, and has obtained the disinfection products Health License issued by Guangdong Provincial Health Bureau. It has independently developed the ternary integrated semiconductor disinfection and purification core technology, and has won many national utility model patents and invention patents.
     Health Care System
    Xinsheng group
    Foshan Kangpu Asset Management Co., Ltd
    Jiangsu Changjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
    Shenzhen Zhonglian Guangshen Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd
    Guanfeng medicine
    Suzhou dahui foods co., ltd
    Industrial Class
    V-1 a service provider specializing in air purification, dust removal, deodorization and odor removal solutions for industry, has a natural extinction rate of 91.5% for indoor air and a purification efficiency of more than 95%.
     Industrial Class
    Shenzhen Longgang District Foreign Language School
    South China University of Technology
    University of Electronic Science and technology
    Guangzhou City
    Guangzhou deaf school
    Changsha Health Vocational College
    South China Normal University
    Shenzhen Beili Moscow University
    normal school
    Teaching Class
    A kindergarten of V-1 Environmental Professional School provides air purification and sterilization service providers, which can disinfect and sterilize all harmful substances such as PM2.5 microorganisms in an all-round way, so that students and staff can breathe fresh air from nature, which is the joint efforts of V-1 family.
     Teaching Class
    Zhangjiajie Rural Commercial Bank
    The People's Bank of China
    China Construction Bank
    Sinopec Maoming Petrochemical Company
    In Public Places
    For more than 10 years,V-1 has been providing research, development and manufacturing of air pollution purification, sterilization and disinfection products for public places. It is a service provider that specializes in air purification, sterilization, dust removal, deodorization and odor removal solutions for public places. It should provide one-stop services in more than 8,000 hospitals and other public places in China.
     In Public Places



    Air purification and disinfection strength manufac
    Air purification and disinfection strength manufac
    environmental V1 technology
    V1 Environmental Technology

    V1 Environmental Technology Co,. Ltd. was set up together by V1 Industrial HK Limited and Da An Gene Co.,Ltd. of Sun Yat-Sen University, which is a scientific and high technological stock company, specifying in research, development, production, sales and also the after-sale service for Cleanroom, Electronic Air Cleaner, Medical Air Sterilizer, Air Filter for industry, commercial and residential...



    V1 Environmental Technology Co,. Ltd 

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