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Air sterilizer effect and its side effects

2022-08-18 00:00:00

The monitoring of the air sterilizer in the surgical space, and a comparative study on the sterilization effect of the air sterilizer and ultraviolet light, the results showed that the difference between the two sterilization methods was not statistically significant, and the time distribution of the use of the air sterilizer and the equipment failure were similar. There is a clear correlation, and it is concluded that the pure ultraviolet air disinfection method can meet the disinfection standards stipulated by the state. The air sterilizer is a new product that has only entered the market in recent years, involving the use and evaluation of various new technologies such as ozone removal, air negative ions, and air positive ions. As the history is not long, the observation and evaluation of disinfection effect and side effects are still very limited, and it is still a developing technology. After testing, the air sterilizer has no side effects, but is a device for sterilization, disinfection, dust removal and air purification.

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