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High-efficiency filter without partition

Series: 【High Efficiency Filter (hepa)】

The high-efficiency filter without partition adopts a professional origami machine to design the pleat shape, pleat distance, pleat height and fold forming through the computer, and the hot melt adhesive is separated.

Dimensions (mm): 610*610*69

Rated air volume: 700m3/h

Initial resistance: 110pa

Surface wind speed (m/s): 0.45±10%

Efficiency: ≧99.99%≧99.999%

Filter material: ultra-fine glass fiber

Separator: Hot Melt Adhesive

Gasket: EPDM

  • Product Overview

The high-efficiency filter without partition is one of the styles of high-efficiency filters, which is generally called high-efficiency filter, or high-efficiency air filter. Weiyi Environment uses a professional origami machine to design pleats, pleated cabinets, pleated height folding molding, and hot melt adhesive separation through computer to achieve a strong and durable effect. The environment has MPPS testing bench, smoke testing bench and other equipment, which can carry out strict testing and analysis on high-efficiency filters without partitions to ensure the quality. High efficiency filters without partitions have high efficiency and low resistance, and are widely used in the field of air purification in aerospace, aviation, precision electronics, biopharmaceuticals and various types of clean equipment.

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V1 Environmental Technology Co,. Ltd 

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