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Primary filter

Primary filter:Washable and non-washable 2 types

Dimensions: 595*595*45mm

Surface wind speed: 2.5m/s

Rated air volume: 3600m3/h

Initial resistance: 45Pa

Efficiency level En779: 85%-95% gravimetric method

Frame material: cardboard, aluminum alloy, galvanized frame

Filter material: polyester, synthetic fiber

  • Product Overview

Primary filter

♦ Large air volume

♦ Low resistance

♦ Repeatable cleaning and long service life

Product Pictures

Primary filter

- Direct filtration, simple process, good gas permeability

- Uniform and stable accuracy, no leakage

- Good regeneration performance and fast regeneration speed

- Easy installation, high efficiency and long service life.

Product Specifications

Primary filter

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V1 Environmental Technology Co,. Ltd 

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 Switchboard: 0769-81667033 


 Address: No.5, Jiangbei Xinkang Road, Wusha Village, Changan Town, Dongguan City

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