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V1 Environmental Technology Co,. Ltd

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Company address: No. 5, Jiangbei Xinkang Road, Wusha Village, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City

Cabinet UV Air Sterilizer


Human-machine coexistence, the machine can be turned on for disinfection when there are people, dynamic disinfection of air, disinfection while working, without any impact on people, equipment, and the environment

The product integrates disinfection and purification, and has the functions of sterilizing and decomposing harmful gases

The core components are plasma generator and UV ultraviolet germicidal lamp, with long service life

The wall-mounted fan motor adopts DC brushless motor, which has large air volume and low noise;

Safe and reliable, the main components are provided with fault alarm function

Plasma generator does not work alarm to ensure disinfection effect (user is reminded on the alarm information display)

It has the function of accumulative time of the whole machine and the function of cleaning and maintenance reminder

Intelligent control, with preset time period, automatic switch, shutdown function, automatic cycle operation every day, and power-off memory (can also be manually operated)

High, medium and low wind speed can be adjusted, and the user setting value can be memorized

With activated carbon and deozonation net to remove ozone and odor

Beautiful appearance, complete varieties, smooth surface of the casing, convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance, saving time and effort

Touch-sensitive control panel, large-screen display, program control, remote control, and manual control

  • Product Overview

This cabinet-type UV air sterilizer is based on the survival and transmission route of viruses, and adopts UV ultraviolet, low-temperature plasma and H13 high-efficiency filters, activated carbon filters and other purification technologies. Adopt negative ion air cleaning technology to create a forest-like air breathing environment.Cabinet UV Air SterilizerCabinet UV Air SterilizerCabinet UV Air SterilizerCabinet UV Air SterilizerCabinet UV Air SterilizerCabinet UV Air SterilizerCabinet UV Air SterilizerCabinet UV Air SterilizerCabinet UV Air SterilizerCabinet UV Air Sterilizer


V1 Environmental Technology Co,. Ltd 

 Contact: Manager Xie 

 Phone: 13688942146 

 Switchboard: 0769-81667033 


 Address: No.5, Jiangbei Xinkang Road, Wusha Village, Changan Town, Dongguan City

 ICP: Guangdong ICP Bei 15026159