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V1 Environmental Technology Co,. Ltd

Contact: Mr. Xie

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Company address: No. 5, Jiangbei Xinkang Road, Wusha Village, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City

Cabinet Air Sterilizer

Featured Highlights:

1. Steel plate shell, coexistence of man and machine;

2. Running time accumulation function, replacement reminder function;

3. Free choice of working modes such as manual, timing, automatic, and induction operation;

4. Unique Japanese original intelligent sensing technology, real-time automatic detection and intuitive display of air quality, PM25, temperature and humidity, Beijing time and other data: intelligent alarm prompt;

5. The high-efficiency formaldehyde removal all-in-one purification net has the effect of effectively removing formaldehyde, benzene, and butyl VOC.

6. In addition to decoration pollution; cleaning and maintenance reminder;

7. Using high-strength, long-life, high-standard C-section ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization;

8. Luxury Chinese LCD high-definition liquid crystal display, touch screen and remote control operation functions;

9. Photocatalytic device failure alarm

10. Plasma failure alarm

11. The ideal combination of plasma purification and H13HEPA high-efficiency technology, high-efficiency negative ion fault alarm,

12. Sterilization and disinfection, filtering out 0.3um particles reaches more than 99.9%;

13. In the automatic mode, the processing will be automatically run according to the detected pollution source status, and the clean state will be maintained in real time.

  • Product Overview

The cabinet air sterilizer is a high-end air purification equipment that uses multiple purification technologies such as plasma + photoelectric catalysis + all-in-one formaldehyde purification network + lysozyme HEPA high efficiency + negative ions. and other environmental air quality requirements.Laminar Air SterilizerLaminar Air SterilizerLaminar Air SterilizerLaminar Air SterilizerLaminar Air SterilizerLaminar Air SterilizerLaminar Air SterilizerLaminar Air SterilizerLaminar Air SterilizerLaminar Air Sterilizer


V1 Environmental Technology Co,. Ltd 

 Contact: Manager Xie 

 Phone: 13688942146 

 Switchboard: 0769-81667033 


 Address: No.5, Jiangbei Xinkang Road, Wusha Village, Changan Town, Dongguan City

 ICP: Guangdong ICP Bei 15026159