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Central air conditioning purification and disinfection machine purification

2022-08-18 00:00:00

The central air-conditioning purification and disinfection machine is a new type of household appliance. It has functions such as adjusting temperature, automatically detecting smoke, filtering out dust, eliminating peculiar smells and harmful gases, two-layer sterilization, and releasing negative ions. Now many purifiers have been launched on the market continuously, such as Weiyi brand disinfection purifier, which is a relatively good air disinfection purifier, which can effectively eliminate microorganisms and pollutants in the air, such as bacteria, viruses, etc. in the air and on the surface of objects. Mildew, mold, and the dead skin flakes, pollen and other causes of diseases in the air are removed together, and the transmission of diseases in the air is reduced.

Central air conditioning purification and disinfection machine

At the same time, it can also settle various inhalable suspended particles such as dust, coal dust, smoke, and fiber impurities in the air. It also effectively eliminates odors, neutralizes chemical gases and releases vitamin oxygen, and releases millions of vitamin oxygen in pulses per second, creating an ecological forest bathing environment, providing ecological source brain health care for the human body, purifying blood, and eliminating harmful effects. Free radicals, achieve the effect of eliminating fatigue, enhancing brain activity, reducing mental stress and impatience, and making your home environment as fresh and natural as the forest after the rain. Dongguan Weiyi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.--the air sterilizer expert around you!

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