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Why more and more people use central air conditioning purification and disinfection machines

2022-08-18 00:00:00

Central air-conditioning purification and disinfection machine, the arrival of a new crown virus, let us all begin to pay more attention to the air environment. In fact, in our daily life, even if there is no severe haze weather, we are still suffering from various pollutions all the time: especially when summer comes, many places begin to use central air conditioners. In fact, central air conditioners are also a major bacterial carrier.

The use of air-conditioning systems has made this situation even more severe. Although the air conditioner meets people's requirements for ambient temperature, it also brings some other problems that cannot be ignored - due to the reduction of air circulation and exchange, a large amount of lingering dust and bacteria will accumulate in the room over a long period of time. , germs and harmful gases.

Central air conditioning purification and disinfection machine


Due to the warm and humid environment provided by the air conditioner, it also provides great convenience for the growth and reproduction of bacteria, especially the central air conditioner. If it is not cleaned for a long time, with the operation of the machine, a large number of bacteria growing inside will be continuously blown to the air. in indoor air.

Therefore, more and more people now choose central air-conditioning purification and disinfection machines. The central air-conditioning air purifier adopts plasma electrostatic sterilization and dust removal technology. The gas gets enough energy metabolism to ionize and oxidize bacteria, viruses, TVOC substances and particulate matter in the air. Under the action of Coulomb force, the dust in the air is driven to the electric dust collection board to achieve air disinfection and sterilization. Dust purification.

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