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Appearance requirements for medical air purifiers

2022-08-18 00:00:00

The appearance requirements of medical air purifiers, no matter what product they are, have certain requirements for appearance, especially some customers who have higher requirements on appearance, all want to look better and hang on the outside in a higher grade, just follow us to choose clothes In the same way, although it is not worn on the body, the beauty cannot be ignored. We all like beautiful things, and this is no exception. Many customers still attach great importance to it. For this reason, there are requirements in terms of aesthetics, safety, cost, etc. Let's listen to the analysis of Weiyi engineer.

    1. Reference technology of medical air purifier

    Weiyi Semiconductor's patented ionization device technology

    Second, the scope of application of medical air purifiers

    Applicable to the verification of Weiyi Environmental Medical Air Purifier

    3. Appearance requirements for medical air purifiers

    ▲The appearance must be intact and free of rust, the box body must be clean and bright, and there should be no stains or standing water. Weiyi products are made of imported sheet metal, which is solid and durable.

    ▲The name, model, range, manufacturer and factory serial number of the product should be clearly marked

    ▲The instruction manual of the product should be complete

    Four, medical air purifier verification results processing method

    Unqualified medical air purifiers will be issued with a notice of verification results. The verification period is 3 months. After the important parts are repaired and replaced, they should be re-verified.

    In terms of appearance, the medical air purifiers produced by Weiyi are more fashionable and beautiful than most products on the market. When you choose, you will definitely shop around. You can compare them, and the actual pictures are better than the pictures on the Internet. It is also more beautiful. Of course, the disinfection and purification effect is also very good, and the bacteria removal rate is more than 99%.

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