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Service life of air sterilizer

2022-08-18 00:00:00

The key to the service life of the air sterilizer is the service life of the important components inside. The service life of electrical components is generally 5-7 years. If it exceeds five years, please buy a new machine. The electronic components and power plugs in the equipment are very oxidized. It is easy to cause self-safety accidents. The service life of wall-mounted air sterilizers and cabinet air sterilizers is 5-7 years. Among them, the service life of uv ultraviolet germicidal lamps, the important components in wall-mounted air sterilizers, and the use of uv ultraviolet germicidal lamps The term is generally 3-5 years. If the working life is exceeded, the intensity of ultraviolet rays will be weakened, which will interfere with the effect ofdisinfection and sterilization. Therefore, it must be replaced.

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