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Embedded air purification and disinfection machine for hospital

Features of Embedded Air Purification and Disinfection Machine for Hospitals

It can be run in the state of people without any harm to the human body

The shell is made of high-quality metal material and is made of modern moisture-proof technology, which is anti-aging and anti-spontaneous combustion, safe and environmentally friendly.

Using multi-functional plasma module, high sterilization efficiency and good dust accumulation effect

Enhanced disinfection function can urgently deal with indoor infection problems

Reservation mode realizes automatic switch on and off, freeing user time

Manual and remote program-controlled multiple operation modes are available for users to choose from

Automatic accumulation function of working time, automatic reminder function for cleaning and maintenance

Modular design, convenient for user maintenance

Negative oxygen ion function, fresh air

Fault automatic alarm prompt function

  • Product Overview

The embedded air purification and disinfection machine for hospitals adopts self-developed ternary semiconductor plasma generator and HEPA high-efficiency filter, so that dust and bacteria larger than 0.3 μm are adsorbed, filtered, blocked and blocked by the high-efficiency filter, and local million and The whole room has a clean and purified space of 100,000 grades.

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V1 Environmental Technology Co,. Ltd 

 Contact: Manager Xie 

 Phone: 13688942146 

 Switchboard: 0769-81667033 


 Address: No.5, Jiangbei Xinkang Road, Wusha Village, Changan Town, Dongguan City

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