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Are medical air disinfection and purifiers useful?

2022-08-18 00:00:00

Are medical air disinfection and purifiers useful?

A hospital is a comprehensive place, and many patients circulate in it every day, so there are many germs in the air of the hospital, especially in the ward. Medical air disinfection machine is an important equipment to prevent hospital infection. Using an air sterilizer can effectively purify the operating room air, purify the operating environment, reduce surgical infection, and improve the success rate of surgery. It is especially suitable for air disinfection in operating rooms, treatment rooms, wards and other spaces. But there are still people who have doubts, do not know whether the medical air sterilizer is useful, so is the medical air sterilizer useful?

Is the medical air sterilizer useful:

Many people have certain misunderstandings about medical air sterilizers and feel that medical air sterilizers are useless. In fact, the places where air sterilizers are often used are mainly hospitals, and the hospitals themselves have relatively high requirements on products, so if you buy medical air sterilizers produced and sold by regular manufacturers, you don't have to worry too much.

1. The killing effect of medical air sterilizer on microorganisms

The sterilization process of medical air sterilizer can be simply described as four steps, namely corona discharge, bacterial charging, floating dust migration and plate deposition. The high-voltage electrostatic field of the sterilizer is a combined honeycomb high-voltage electrostatic field, which can smash the bacterial capsule and has a bactericidal effect. The killing rate of bacteria in the aerosol chamber is ≥99.90%.

Medical air disinfection and purifier

2. The mechanism of killing microorganisms

When the microorganisms (aerosols) attached to the dust surface pass through a high-voltage electric field (electric field strength is (8.5-10) kV/cm2), they can be polarized into charged aerosol surges and rapidly accumulate on the dust surface. Dipoles and Neutralize discharge. After the dust accumulates, the microorganisms are killed in the electric field, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization and dust removal.

The above content is an introduction to whether the medical air sterilizer is useful. The function of the air sterilizer is the disinfection and purification of sterilization, viruses, molds, etc., and it has a good control effect on the spread of infectious diseases and hospital germs, and limits the reproduction and spread of germs. Bacterial flu problem in hospital.

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