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How does a plasma air sterilizer work?

2022-08-18 00:00:00

How does a plasma air sterilizer work?

Attracts and combines with positive ions by emitting negative ions, making them too heavy to stay in the air and fall to the floor. This also brings with it the downside of ionizers - they don't completely remove particles from a room, so if you don't take further action, they can get back into the air.

Ionic air purifiers include a metal plate that collects some particles and is easy to clean so you can remove some of the particles. Unfortunately, they also emit ozone, which creates its own health risks and is considered harmful to your indoor environment.

The EBC disinfection and purification machine has a closed ultraviolet photocatalyst sterilization, which can coexist with human and machine, and continuously sterilizes, which is relatively safer.

How much is the plasma air sterilizer recommended by the manufacturer

Air sterilizer

Many hospitals will buy plasma air sterilizers in large quantities, because the machine has a high-efficiency sterilization function. After it is turned on, its sterilization effect is very fast, which is more powerful than the function of ordinary ultraviolet rays. In addition, the plasma air sterilizer can work continuously without any secondary pollution, which is environmentally friendly. Plasma air sterilizer can quickly degrade harmful gases such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, etc., in addition to removing the smell of cigarettes and lampblack.

Scope of application:

Medical and health care: operating room, ICU, NICU, neonatal room, delivery room, burn ward, supply room, interventional treatment center, isolation ward, hemodialysis room, infusion room, biochemical room, laboratory, etc.

Others: biopharmaceuticals, food production, public places, conference rooms, etc.

The energy consumption of the plasma air sterilizer is lower than that of the ultraviolet sterilizer, so it can help people save one thousand yuan in electricity bills every year. Because of its long service life, people don't have to repurchase new machines for fifteen years. The ordinary ultraviolet disinfection machine is different. It can only be used for about five years, and the disinfection lamp needs to be replaced every two years, which is very expensive. Warm reminder, the annual depreciation cost of other sharp air sterilizers is about 1,000 yuan. In the process of use, it is not harmful to patients and medical staff.

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