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Benefit analysis of using Weiyi brand air sterilizer

2022-08-18 00:00:00

The air sterilizer can effectively reduce the infection in the ward, exchange for the huge loss of people's life and property caused by indoor air pollution, protect the indoor environment and benefit the human society.

The air sterilizer provides a new type of air sterilization and disinfection equipment for the hospital, creates conditions for improving the treatment and nursing level of the ward, and brings good news to patients who need physiotherapy and recovery under sterile conditions.

To improve the air quality in pharmaceutical factories, food processing, scientific research rooms, laboratories and other places to meet hygienic standards, air sterilizers are usually used for disinfection and sterilization.

air sterilizer

For archives, reference rooms, computer rooms to effectively store and protect valuable or invaluable information, such as CDs, disks, and films.Completely solve various pollutions in the indoor environment, cross-infection of pathogenic bacteria, and prevent the spread of infectious diseases again.

Indoor air pollution is the third largest pollution after "bituminous coal-type" and "photochemical smog-type" pollution. The application of products can reduce the load of air pollution control in my country, effectively improve the working environment, promote human health, and contribute to social stability and a harmonious economy. Development plays a very important role.

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