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Circulating wind UV air sterilizer is suitable for

2022-08-18 00:00:00

What fields are the circulating wind ultraviolet air sterilizers suitable for? The editor will tell you in detail here. The air sterilizers are suitable for hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food processing plants, scientific research rooms, laboratories, shopping malls, high-speed rail stations, clinics, etc. Many fields.

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Next, I will briefly introduce the working principle of the circulating wind ultraviolet air sterilizer. It adopts the unique ultraviolet sterilization treatment technology of quartz glass, and has built-in antibacterial and shockproof filters to filter the dust in the air. The circulating wind ultraviolet air sterilizer is controlled by a microcomputer program. High-definition LCD screen, imported control chip, with P2.5M, air quality, operating temperature and humidity monitoring functions, can set six timed working time periods, timed cycle operation, use the top surface air intake, swing air supply, disinfection There is no dead angle. In timing and manual mode, high, medium and low wind speed can be selected to run. In timing and manual mode, light wave reaction device or semiconductor device can be set to be activated independently. Maintenance and maintenance are convenient: the accumulation of semiconductor devices during operation of contaminants can be used only after cleaning

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